Romantic Christmas Love Wishes & Messages for Her & Him

Christmas Love Wishes are the best way to express your love to someone special, For this purpose here we are going to present Cute Lovely ...

Christmas Love Wishes are the best way to express your love to someone special, For this purpose here we are going to present Cute Lovely Christmas Wishes for Boyfriend & Girlfriend & Romantic Christmas Wishes for Husband Wife. so here we've collected best Christmas Love Message for Her & Him with HD Images for Lovers. We've added some Christmas Images for Lovers that are all free download. So celebrate this Christmas by sending or sharing these Romantic Christmas Wishes or you may write it on Christmas Love Greetings. Have a Lovely Christmas  :)

Cute Romantic Christmas Love Wishes Messages for Her & Him with Christmas Quotes Images of Love Couple

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Lovely Christmas Wishes For Boyfriend by Her


Today what I want most is that you can
Feel all the happiness in the world.
We are always together and this
Great love grows stronger every day.

Have a blessed  Christmas


My best Christmas gift is you, darling,
Giving me your love every single day.
Wishing you lots of joy and happiness!
Love you, honey. Merry Christmas.


A boyfriend is a treasured gift from God,
And this lesson is the most important one
That I have learned this Christmas season.
Merry Christmas Sweet Heart


Merry Christmas to Someone who seemed
To always take the time,
To show me how to love,
And especially, how to be so kind.


Because in everything I do You always have a part,
Because a loving thought of you Is always in my heart,
Because each little wish of mine You’ve tried
To make come true — At Christmas time,
I want to say how much deep our friendship is.

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Sweet Romantic Christmas Wishes For Girlfriend by Him


Christmas romance is
Looking at the Xmas tree
Realizing the greatest gift
Is lying next to me
Love you my sweetheart


I can’t define my love for you,
It’s the infinite time I love you,
But, I can wish you that,
You have an awesome time on Christmas,
So, Merry Christmas my dear!


My life is truly incomplete without you,
Do you even have a clue?
That how much I love you,
Yes I truly do,
Merry Christmas and a happy new-year to you!


Merry Christmas to a very special girl in my life,
You don’t know but, without you I won’t survive,
You know you stay in my heart,
And I wish we never stay apart,
Wish you a merry Christmas!


I really want to tell you Just how precious you are to me,
My every thought of you Is as loving as can be
My heart is totally filled with things That words
Alone can’t say, This comes especially for
You With love on this Xmas Day.

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Cute Romantic Christmas Wishes For Husband


Some husbands make you happy
Some husbands make you sad
But I'm so glad that I can say
That right up to this very day
My husband
Is the best a girl can have

Merry Christmas Darling


I am so blessed to have you in my life,
Feel so blessed to be called your wife,
This Christmas will be merry more,
Coz I truly love you to the core,

Merry Christmas sweetheart!


Christmas is the birthday of our saviour.
The lord has given me you as my husband,
And I feel the promise of the God.
Merry Christmas to my best friend.


Holding your hands makes me feel secured.
Feeling your love makes me feel loved,
Seeing your face makes me feel blessed.

I love you and Merry Christmas


I feel so happy sleeping beside you.
I feel like a baby being cuddled in your strong arms.
You are my husband and forever you will be mine.

Merry Christmas 2016

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Sweet Christmas Wishes For Wife by Hubby


You changed my world,
You made a better life,
Everything is just great,
Because of my loving wife,
I love you so much,
Merry Christmas!


I am so lucky to call you mine,
With you everything is just fine,
To celebrate the spirit of Christmas,
Let’s raise a toast with wine,
To my lovely wife,
Merry Christmas!


For My Wife At Christmas
This message is to let you know
How much you are loved by me
And I want the World to know.


From home to home and heart to heart,
From one place to another,
The warmth and joy of Christmas,
Brings us closer to each other.


You are the most special woman to me
you are perfect and oh so lovely
I hope your on the good girls list
Or Christmas day there will be no gift

Updated :-

On Christmas surely
I’ll wrap my arms around you
Holding you near
Begging you to stay with me
Although my heart
Follows you everywhere

If you were turned into a snowman
By an evil witch, I’d definitely us
My magical kiss to turn you
Back into the man you are.
Then I’d make you snuggle
With me to warm me up.

Christmas is the festival of love and sacrifice
And when it is celebrated with you it become
A wonderful occasion of blessings showered on me
Love you so much, Merry Christmas

The best gift for me of all,
Is us being together.
This keeps warm my soul,
Through the snowy weather.
God bless the love between us
Be happy and Merry Christmas!

You have given me guidance,
You have given me support,
You have given me love,
Your guidance, support and love
Made me what I am now
Have a merry Christmas darling

May there be many gifts for all of us,
May we always be together,
May our hearts never be cold,
Even in the snowy weather.
May there be always love for us
And let us have a Merry Christmas!

This is the day of our savior’s birth.
This is the day love decided to stay.
God sent hope and piece on earth.
This is the day I am texting you to say,
That I love you no matter the distance
And I wish you a Merry Christmas!

Christmas Greetings for Lovers

Christmas Wishes Image for Lovers

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