Happy New Year Love Poems from The Heart

New Year Love Poems are the sweet way to express your deep feelings of love to someone special. If you want to make your New Year special ...

New Year Love Poems are the sweet way to express your deep feelings of love to someone special. If you want to make your New Year special you should find best Love Poems that we're providing in this section. Get Cute Romantic New Year Poems for Girlfriend, Happy New Year Poems for Boyfriend, Sweet New Year Poems for Her, Lovely New Year Poems for Him, Romantic New Year Poem for Husband & Wife. Here you may get Short New Year Love Poetry that'll surely become the wordings of your heart. So celebrate this New Year 2016 with your beloved by sending or sharing these poems or you may write it on New Year Love Greetings Images. Have a Lovely New Year  :)

Happy New Year Love Poems from The Heart with Beautiful New Year Wishes Images for Lover

New Year Greeting for Lover

1) Happy New Year Poem for Him

Late at night
My thoughts drift to you
And of our love
That is brand new

I think of all
We've shared thus far
Every dream we wished
Upon a star

Making memories
You and I
Our spirits soar
To reach the sky

To thank the one
From Heaven above
Who blessed us with
This wondrous love

~ Shirley H. Brunson

Happy New Year Love Greeting

2) Happy New Year Poem for Her

The smile on ur face.
Turns my day around.
My heart starts 2 race.
Wen I see u in town.

But wen I see u frown.
My heart stops beating for a while.
& my mind starts 2 think.
"How can I see a smile".

I care for u so much.
That I want 2 be there for u,
Cause I cant bare 2 see u blue.

It only takes three words.
2 show how much u mean 2 me.
Happy New Year !

Happy New Year Love Card

3) Happy New Year Poem for Girlfriend by BF

How blessed I am that you are in my life
Not a day goes by when I do not think of you
You make everything alright
To you I do not have to prove myself
For you know me
I love you

How blessed I am that you are in my life
How honoured I am to be a part of yours
Memories made and shared
With you the one I love
My friend, my lover, my queen
'Til the end

~ Moses Tu Tesigensi

New Year Greeting Card for Lover

4) Happy New Year Poem for Boyfriend by GF

I'm so grateful for a new year.
to spend with you,
my most special one,
my cherished and treasured love,
who has gifted me with happiness and joy,
adventure and excitement,
comfort and peace.

As I look ahead, I see each day with you.
filled with warmth and affection,
a deeper, more fulfilling love,
than I could have imagined.
in my fondest, most perfect dreams.

A new year with you.
is the most valuable, most precious treasure.
I could ever have.

Happy New Year Sweetheart!

New Year Love Image of Red Heart

5) Happy New Year Poem for Wife from Hubby

Keep that smile on your face
For a new year is going to start
With all the cheer and all the grace
All your dreams and your wishes
Will get fulfilled in the coming year
May you get what you desire
Because it's the time for a new year
Smile and do spread the cheer
Wish you a great New Year!
With love and blessings for you!

New Year Love Picture

6) Happy New Year Poem for Husband

As this year comes to an end,
I want you to know that I love you.
I want to thank you for everything,
that you have done for me.

You have truly made me a better man,
by gracing my heart with your affection.
Everyday nothing but unconditional love,
flows throughout your soul for me.

I feel it every time we touch,
and whenever you look into my eyes.
I fall in love with you all over again,
with every passing day.

You mean so much to me and I know,
that I don't tell you that often enough.
I cherish every moment we share together,
and I can't wait to spend the rest of my life with you.

Happy new year to you my darling,
and thank you for all that you do.
I hope that you know how much I care,
and that I will always adore you.

~Jeremy Torres

New Year Card for Lover

7) I Just Want One More Day With You, Miss You

I'm so sad and depressed
Is all I want to do is rest
I go to sleep at night
But my dreams I just can't fight

I think of you lying in that bed
And wonder if there is anything I could have said
I wish you were still here
But I know that you are still near

I love you more than you know
I just wish you didn't have to go
I just want one more day with you
And I know thats what you would have wanted too

I miss you more and more each day
There is so much more we had to say
I know I will see you again
But my life is just started to begin.


New Year Poems Image

Red Heart Image for New Year

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